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ICER's WIE - Activities
Members of the ICER WIE network benefit from
-       access to ICER WIE networking events;
-       ICER Women in Energy Story-telling. Check out the WIE stories page.
-       training webinars on a range of topics (both regulatory and women related topics);
-       the e-mentoring program which pairs mentors and mentees from energy regulatory authorities.
    Networking events     

E-Mentoring Program

The WIE initiative offers a number of practical tools to help women move faster and further up their career paths.
One of these tools is the ICER e-mentoring programme.
A pilot programme was run from fall 2013 to fall 2014 and paired 38 mentees with male (11) and female (23) mentors from around the globe. The 2015-2016 programme paired 29 mentors and mentees, and the 2016-2017 programme had 37 participants.

Based on its success, the fourth year mentoring programme has been launched again. It will run from March 2017 - February 2018. See the Mentoring Information Pack (comprising the Overview document and Mentor Application Form or Mentee Application Form).

“The feeling that I have contributed, even in a small way, to the development of women in the energy field was one of the main benefits of participating in the programme” – Mentor, 2014

The mentoring programme has opened my mind to the possibilities that exist for women in the energy industry and allowed me to determine how best to purse some of those opportunities” – Mentee, 2014

"The mentoring programme provides the opportunity to seek professional advice from someone outside of my immediate working environment", Mentee 2014

 "I was able to share my knowledge, training and experience", Mentor 2014

Participants attributed the mentoring programme to a wide number of achievements (e.g. applying for a job promotion, public speaking) that they would not otherwise have realised.

A world apart

This programme is referenced as an “e-mentoring” programme because of the unique pairing of mentors and female mentees from all over the globe. The geographic diversity alone will prove to be both exciting and challenging during the programme.
Mentors and mentees are encouraged to connect and engage using technology and social media tools to aid in the development of a robust mentorship relationship. A support network is available to participants to ensure all the benefits of the programme are realised.

How to Apply

Applications for the 2017 programme are now open. Both men and women can apply to become mentors.
The deadline for applications for both mentors and mentees is extended until 17 February 2017!
For further information, please contact the ICER Secretariat wie@icer-regulators.net

Documents to download: 
ICER 2017 WIE Mentoring Program Overview 
ICER WIE 2017 Mentoring Programme - Mentor Application Form 
ICER WIE 2017 Mentoring Programme - Mentee Application Form