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On 15 October 2013, ICER launched its Women in Energy initiative (see Press Release). The goal of this global initiative of energy regulators is to help the advancement of women in energy.
See About for more about our vision, values and strategy for ICER’s WIE.


Who can join the ICER WIE network?
ICER’s WIE network is open to all staff (men and women) of national/state/regional regulatory authorities who are members of the International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER). See the Rules on ICER WIE membership.
If you are a member already, please log on in the top right corner of the page to access the WIE network Members Area pages!
How will we achieve our Women in Energy goal?

ICER’s WIE focuses on empowering women through practical tools and seeking to change culture and attitudes.
As a first practical tool, we have created Women in Energy – The ICER International Network, a global, collaborative network for the benefit of women.

ICER Women in Energy members have access to:
- ICER’s mentoring program
- training webinars
- networking events
- social networking platforms
For further information see the Activities tab.

Join in!